Pathological Acupoint Basic Care
Session: $180/ 70 minutes
Benefits:  Through the traditional back scraping, cupping, oil pressure and warm moxibustion, the method of “Sedation before tonification”combines European natural essential oils to strengthen and improve the body’s constitution and regulate internal circulation. Additional benefits: relieve stress, eliminates constipation, improves sleep quality, insomnia, physical weakness, puffiness, pigmentation, wrinkles and other sub-health conditions.

For: People with weakness, dizziness due to degraded function of the internal organs accumulation of cold, damp heat and toxin in the body that lead to female hormone imbalance and early onset menopause.

Treatment:  Scraping, sliding cupping, meridians pressure, warm moxibustion.

Further Benefits:   Significant relief of physical pain, improve sleep, acne, pox, migraine, cervical pain lumbar muscle strain will be significantly alleviated.

Cautions:   No bath within four hours, avoid cold, spices, tobacco, alcohol, coffee, drink more water.           

Professional kidney health therapy

Session: $88/ 45 minutes
Benefits:  By using a special warming kidney manipulative therapy, it can effectively alleviate the urge to urinate frequently, soreness and weakness of waist and knees, hot flashes, abnormal sweating, insomnia, cold hands and feet, edema and other causes of female kidney deficiency.

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