Whole Body Lymphatic Drainage Special Treatment
Benefits:  Promotes lymph circulation, accelerates lymphatic metabolism, clears lymph nodes, strengthens blood circulation, regulates body metabolic function, and helps speed up discharge of body waste.  Additional benefits of this treatment: speeding up immune system, improving sleep, enhancing memory, relieving constipation, relieving the cold consitution, eliminating edema, and helps in the improvement skin color.
Head Meridian Dredge Massage
Benefits:  Helps improve head and trigeminal nerve pain, relieves neck pain, soothes the autonomic nerves, refreshes the brain, and has remarkable effects on insomnia and fatigue.

Back Meridian Detoxification Therapy

Benefits:  Plant essential oils in conjunction with unique Japanese-style professional techniques stimulates acupuncture points, promotes lymphatic circulation, helps improve head, neck, shoulders, and back pain, relieves fatigue and autonomic nerves. The objective is to make the entire body reach natural relaxation.

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