Deep Tissue Massage
Session: $88/ 60 minutes or $138/ 90 minutes
Benefits: In addition to general benefits of massage such as increasing body fluid circulation including blood and lymph flow and promoting relaxation, deep tissue massage is more effective in terms of decreasing chronic pain caused by muscle stiffness and tension. On top of that, our session focuses more on neuromuscular function along with acupoints to make the treatment efficient for any body discomfort related to muscle pain and healing process for injured area.

Cautions:   Avoid cold, tobacco, alcohol, coffee, drink warm water afterward.           

Professional kidney health therapy

Session: $88/ 45 minutes
Benefits:  By using a special warming kidney manipulative therapy, it can effectively alleviate the urge to urinate frequently, soreness and weakness of waist and knees, hot flashes, abnormal sweating, insomnia, cold hands and feet, edema and other causes of female kidney deficiency.

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