Facial Detox Lifting Treatment

Session: $168/70 minutes

Benefits:  Uses the “Sedation before tonification” theory to help open the face acupoints, acupressure, scraping, moxibustion, and other special techniques, and combines the 5.5 natural plant essential to effectively clear the facial bottom micro-circulation and improve the detoxification of the lymphatic system.  Additional benefits of this treatment: helping to improve cell respiratory function, improving oxygen content of cells, to help create a clean and healthy skin environment.

Treatment:  Remove makeup, clean and balance the skin, facial acupressure (base oil), facial detox massage (facial detoxifying oil), facial scraping (facial scraping oil), facial moxibustion, facial mask, and moisturize.

Effects:  Helps to promote the deep micro-circulation of the skin, speeds up the removal of toxins, and helps the skin absorb nutrients more fully.  In a short term it will make the skin ruddy, soft, and delicate.

Lift face and Wrinkle Care

Session: $198/ 90 minutes

Benefits:  Helps to accelerate the lymphatic circulation of the face, increases the density of the collagen fibers and reticular fibers at the bottom of the skin, makes the skin firm and elastic, and gives you a clear facial contour.  

For: People with sagging, aging, and winkled skin

Treatment:  Clean, tone, massage, lotion, firming essence, slime soft mask, hydrotherapy mask, soothing cream and moisturizer.

Professional Eye Care

   - Bright Eye – Dark Circle Relief

Session: $68/ 45 minutes

Benefits:  Effectively improves the blood and lymph circulation, promotes blood supply to the skin of the eye, provides oxygen, promotes water metabolism, and dilutes the pigmentation of the eyes.  Additional benefits include: prevents accumulation of fat under the thin skin of the eye, and has significant effects on improving dark circles around the eyes, swelling, bags and any fine lines around the eyes.      


For: People with dark circles, edema, fine lines

   - Bright Eye - Nourishing Wrinkle Treatment

Session: $128/ 70 minutes

Benefits:   Softens and dilutes dry eye lines, deep lines and express lines.  It also can enhance the eye’s blood and oxygen supply and the skin’s absorption of nutrients which effectively improves sagging eyes.  This further improves edema and pigmentation around the eyes so that both eyes reproduce the exciting youthful look.

For: People with wrinkles, puffiness, sagging, bags under the eyes, eye wrinkles, dark circles, etc.

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